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Tartar Removal

Fogkőeltávolítás Szeged

The formation of the tartar is a natural phenomenon and affects all people in a smaller or greater degree. Most of the tartar is made up of a food residue that is dissolved, so it is present in our mouth despite regular and thorough oral care.

For some people it is only a half year is needed to have yellow deposits of the teeth, but for genetic or lifestyle reasons (eg coffee, smoking), there are some who have brownish tartar after 3 months.

During the meal, a thin, colorless layer is formed on the surface of the teeth. If not properly cleaned, this layer will become harder and more dull. If the tooth is in contact with the tartar it may cause inflammation.

The tartar is so firmly attached to the tooth that removal by simple brushing is not possible, only a specialist can properly clean it.